Djuma Soundsystem

Djuma Soundsystem

Djuma Soundsystem is the electronic outlett for Norwegian DJ Mikkas and the Danish Lars B. The two of them bumped into each other for the first time as DJ's at the Swedish electronic festival "Norberg festivallen". Both of them were producing music when they met, but soon they got together and started producing and writing as a team.

A couple of years ago, in the midst of all the etnic inspired cliche' Ibiza compilations and all the afro-house, Mikkas and Lars B sat down with Their friend Disse and asked themselves this question: is it not possible to make something less cheesy that still works on a floor?

The result they came up with was "Les Djinns", and Djuma Soundsystem was born.

"Les Djinns" is a mix of lush arabic drumming and house, with a sweet light and melancollic melody thrown in for good meassure. The result is a catchy tune that is impossible to put down as just one genre... Enjoy!

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